About LogPoint

Changing Organizations

At LogPoint, we focus on providing organizations with the best opportunities of value creation and growth in an increasingly digitized world. That’s why we are constantly developing our technology to suit our customers’ individual preferences & requirements.

So whether our customers are in the market to simplify their organization’s IT processes, protect valuable assets or adhere to compliance requirements, they find that LogPoint’s SIEM technology gets the job done.

Ensuring Constant Innovation

We take our passion for continuous innovation beyond our products and into our work processes. By recognizing the significance of co-creation, we are always open to contributions from customers, partners and the talented team at LogPoint. And we’ll never be done listening. Our stakeholders show us where we can make meaningful modifications and by utilizing the unique knowledge they hold, we’re able to better comprehend the objectives of our end-users and incorporate that into the offering we put on the market.

Fast Growing and Expanding

SIEM is the fastest growing market within IT security worldwide. At LogPoint, we are experiencing this growth and our ambitious goal of becoming the best SIEM solution on the market only fuels this.

LogPoint is founded in Denmark. We first introduced our servicing, business analytics, mathematics, and security solution to the market in 2008. Today, over 300 customers throughout Europe are enjoying the most flexible yet simple platform available for reliably collecting, analyzing and monitoring their data.

We have sales and support offices located across Europe and partnerships that reach across the globe. We are continuously expanding and are currently in search of a new colleague.

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